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Wenger Physical Therapy (WPT) is a private practice established in 1978 by Ron and Linda Wenger.  Because WPT is an independently owned private practice, there are no financial ties to any hospital, health care organization or physician group.  Given our independent status, our therapists have the ability to offer our patients unbiased views relative to their musculoskeletal status.

Our staff is dedicated to serving the needs of our patients and clients; and to exceeding the expectations of our patients for whom we provide care, their families, our referral sources and the businesses with whom we work.

You will find our clinic pleasant and upbeat.  The clinic is well-equipped to meet your therapy needs, but small enough to offer one-to-one service with the same therapist throughout the course of care.  This is important for consistency of care and progression of your rehabilitation program.




1681 Commerce Drive
North Mankato, MN 56003

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